Website review and collaboration

What if you could just click and add feedback, change content or styling so you don’t have to have a call to explain every small change?

No credit card is required, cancel any time. 

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Add your website

Add the page you want to collaborate on in the app and start right away. It takes a few seconds.

Add feedback

You can add a comment, change style of propose a content change directly in the live page. It's easy.

Share with everyone

Invite people in your team to add pages and manage tasks or share with everyone to add feedback.

Add your page, add feedback and share

Add your website, click, add feedback, and share. You can get feedback from as many people as you need to. Share it with all your company. Share with that picky colleague who always has something to change. Now it’s easy. 

Manage all your website feedback in one place

It’s easy to manage feedback on a live website. People can add feedback and assign it to the right team member. It’s like pointing a finger at it, but socially acceptable. No need for long calls or print screens to explain what needs to happen. 

Pricing and plans

We’re building Brunch to help digital marketing experts manage feedback online and collaborate with clients and teams.


Start here, upgrade later
$ 0
/ month
  • 1 user
  • 1 project, multiple pages
  • Feedback from anyone
  • All features included


For small teams or freelancers
$ 19
/ month
  • 3 team members
  • 6 projects, multiple pages
  • Feedback from anyone
  • All features included


For company or agency teams
$ 79
/ month
  • 10 team members
  • 20 projects, multiple pages
  • Feedback from anyone
  • All features included

Too many times I had to exchange 10 emails, screenshots, and all sorts of have discussions to understand what my client or colleague wanted. It seems to me exactly the type of tool built out of necessity.

Francisc Boicu

Fullstack Developer

We used Brunch for the past few months some of our clients and it made our lives a lot easier. The customer feedback is great and they are always building new features and improving existing ones. We like the tool a lot.

Elena Iordache

Digital Marketer

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