5 questions about content marketing with Andrei Călina, Founder at Content Marketing Romania & Content Chief

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Andrei Calina says that the best answer to how he started in content marketing is ”by accident”. Back when he was in college, he started designing logos. Someone asked if, besides banners and graphic materials, he could also write articles and use certain words. While he didn’t really understand why those words had to be inserted so many times, he agreed to that. It paid off, because after more articles and paid posts on forums, he landed his first job, as a SEO specialist for startups. 

That’s how his journey in digital marketing began. He quickly understood that he was more passionate about drafting strategies and content marketing. This is how Content Chief was born, in 2019. At the moment, they are working with healthcare, B2B and B2C clients.

Besides the content marketing agency, Andrei also launched a now successful Facebook community, that we recommend to anyone interested in content marketing – Content Marketing Romania.

This group was born out of my own need. I was looking for such a Romanian speaking community and as there wasn’t one, I created it myself. It is a place where you can learn and share knowledge.” Andrei adds.

What’s your content creation process?

Creating good, relevant, can-convert content is hard work. Creativity needs to be nurtured and there are days when you can lack inspiration. Furthermore, you need a process.

In the last couple of years I’ve devoured any material on how to create efficient content creation processes and I still haven’t found one I am completely happy about. But we’ve seen clear progress.

At Content Chief, we are using Trello and have a dedicated board exclusively for content creation – it’s everything there, from the idea to the entire advertising process. If it’s an article, a video or social posts – we add or eliminate certain steps.

When it comes to inspiration, I often find it where I least expect it. I love creating materials based on recent events – if my client’s profile allows it of course. This reaches many categories of audiences”.

What tools do you use and recommend?

Probably any good content marketer has its stash of really good tools that make their life and work easier. Brunch is one of them, so if you’d like to work better and faster while writing copy for websites, check our offer here.

Although there are many good tools Andrei could recommend, he says that there are a few they couldn’t work without at Content Chief.

First of all, there’s Trello, the task management system we couldn’t function without. Then, Notion is a great tool for us to keep our ideas and processes.

Crello is a good alternative to Canva and we use it daily, as well as Photoshop and InShot, to create social media content on the go. 

By the way, if you are creating content for social channels, publer.io is a good option. Last but not least, Grammarly cannot miss from our list as content creators.” 

If you’d like to learn about more tools that could boost your productivity as a content writer, check out this article and subscribe to Content Marketing Romania’s newsletter.

Websites that nail it?

There are many blogs and websites that offer a top experience through their content. Andrei says that a landmark in the industry is Later’s blog, a social media scheduling tool, along CoSchedule’s blog.

Of course, there are some Romanian brands as well that know how to produce their content – and an example that pops into mind now is GoMag with their in-depth, clear materials. I personally think it is a great advantage to be able to write so that more people can understand, regardless of their expertise, especially if you are addressing wider audiences.” he adds.

What strategies should we pay attention to?

The future is bold…and challenging for content creators, who need to adapt and innovate in order to stay relevant. New strategies, tools, tactics and guides emerge all the time and it sometimes can be difficult to know which ones will end up working.

For Andrei, Artificial Intelligence will be playing a growing role in the future.

I’ve seen articles written by AI and I was so impressed by their quality! Probably most brands will start integrating AI in their content creation and distribution strategies.

Talking about challenges, for B2B marketers it might seem even a bit more difficult to navigate the world of content. There are many stereotypes and ideas that talk about how a B2B brand should communicate. 

From his experience, Andrei says that the biggest challenge when it comes to creating content for B2B is being constant with their quality. Are there solutions to this?

We’ve recently had a live webinar with the Content Marketing Romania community and some ideas popped up. Sure, one can create a content calendar and make sure you’ll always have good ideas for your materials. At the same time, even the best content creators can have bad days and this can complicate the process.

What does 2022 have in store for content creators? 

There is so much noise in the online environment that we must pay a lot of attention to quality, customization and trends that work for you and your audience.

Andrei thinks that podcasts and audio content will continue to grow.

People like to consume pieces of content while doing something else – running, cooking, driving etc. And podcasts can let you do that.

On the other hand, there’s a fine line between publishing a good podcast and something you’ve done just to follow a trend. Focus on quality and this opportunity can bring amazing results!” Andrei concludes.

To learn more about Content Chief, check them out here. If you’d like to join the Content Marketing Romania community, you can find it here.

For more opinions and articles, visit our blog here.

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