How does the future of content marketing look like

Diana Serban is a Communication Specialist and Ph.D. in Communication Sciences. In 2018, she launched her content marketing agency, DMBC – The Media and Branded Company that operates from Bucharest, serving clients from France, Romania, and The Republic of Moldova. She aims to grow the agency even more and address the north-American market in the […]

How to save money with Brunch

Brunch is not just another app that helps you work better – it actually also helps you save money and time. When improving your processes and creating better experiences, you end up not only creating more performant websites, but increasing your revenues. Here’s how!

5 ways to improve your productivity with Brunch

Any copywriter, marketer, or web designer we know has at least once gone through endless feedback processes that were unclear and wasted a lot of time and energy. As a growth agency, we’ve been using all kinds of tools to improve the web building process with our clients and to become more productive, but never […]