Brunch update: progress and next steps

by | Jun 24, 2021

It has been an interesting ride so far. We started to build Brunch last year and sort of restarted with a way better vibe this year when Mihai Ivașcu and the team at Ulpia Ventures joined with an investment that gives us space to build our team, make sure everyone heard about our product, and build a better experience.

So far we worked on rebuilding some parts of the app on the technical side so it works a lot better (still a long way to go but we try to take it step by step and build structured and healthy). We also rebuilt the UI side and next week you will probably see live the full update.

A few other things we worked on these past few weeks:

  • Started a Facebook community (still need to invite people in but we created it for now)
  • Intercom setup (working on building a help section as well)
  • Created a profile on Indie Hackers to update on progress and collaborate
  • Sharing that news of the partnership with Ulpia, PR and following up with people
  • Oana is constantly posting on social media and built some content for the blog
  • Got The Pharmacy on board to help with the Facebook ads campaigns
  • Set up Rewardful to start an affiliate campaign

Next steps for next week mostly:

  • Starting a few paid ads campaigns to test different messages
  • Start an affiliate marketing campaign and approach partners to promote
  • Build website pages to explain use cases for different types of users
  • Create videos to explain use cases
  • Gather and share testimonials
  • Add an option to ask for feedback from an expert on copywriting

We need help with any kind of exposure to potential users, partnerships. We have a good product and most user flows seem to work ok so we just need to get 500-1000 people to test the app in the next two weeks. We will do ads, create content and share but any partnership with someone with more exposure, groups or bigger companies would help a lot.

Andrei Stoica

Andrei Stoica

Co-Founder & CEO @Brunch

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