How does the future of content marketing look like

Diana Serban is a Communication Specialist and Ph.D. in Communication Sciences. In 2018, she launched her content marketing agency, DMBC – The Media and Branded Company that operates from Bucharest, serving clients from France, Romania, and The Republic of Moldova. She aims to grow the agency even more and address the north-American market in the […]

Progress and next stage

We had an interesting journey so far with Brunch. We started in 2020 with Razvan to build a tool we needed for the agency and Mihai Ivascu joined the team in 2021 to help us grow and scale globally. The plan was to grow fast with the first iteration of the product and get the […]

Loading websites into Brunch

Building Brunch was not easy but it was fun and challenging. We had to be creative and find solutions to some pretty difficult problems. I’m gonna talk here about one of the bigger ones: how do we load the websites into the app and interact with them? When you use Brunch, you’re interacting with the […]

How to save money with Brunch

Brunch is not just another app that helps you work better – it actually also helps you save money and time. When improving your processes and creating better experiences, you end up not only creating more performant websites, but increasing your revenues. Here’s how!

How to improve code quality

Since I started to write code I was kind of obsessed with code quality. I wanted all my code to be well indented, not have duplicate logic or overcomplicated functions.  Why? When I started programming, back in high school, it was just for my self-esteem. Then, when I started to make my own personal projects, […]