Brunch update: progress and next steps

It has been an interesting ride so far. We started to build Brunch last year and sort of restarted with a way better vibe this year when Mihai Ivașcu and the team at Ulpia Ventures joined with an investment that gives us space to build our team, make sure everyone heard about our product, and […]

5 ways to improve your productivity with Brunch

Any copywriter, marketer, or web designer we know has at least once gone through endless feedback processes that were unclear and wasted a lot of time and energy. As a growth agency, we’ve been using all kinds of tools to improve the web building process with our clients and to become more productive, but never […]

Realtime experience for Web Apps with Pusher Channels

Before we begin, Pusher Channels (or simply Pusher) provides real-time communication between Servers and Apps. We used it when building Brunch, and it really helped us improve the overall User Experience. What is Pusher? With Pusher Channels you can build basically any real-time feature. To be more specific, you can do things like real-time charts, […]